Embroidery                                                                                                                                    Embroidery adds value and interest to garments and projects.  Machine embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns "digitized" with embroidery software. In machine embroidery, different types of
"fills" add texture and design to the finished work. Machine embroidery is used to add
logos and monograms to business shirts or jackets, gifts, and team apparel as well as to decorate household linens, draperies, and
decorator fabrics that mimic the elaborate hand embroidery of the past. Monogramming and personalization is also an option for most items. Please note: Dark colored garments will be embroidered using lighter thread colors and light items will be embroidered with darker thread colors. Registered or specific logos will not be changed unless the owner of the design requests such changes. Thread type will be determined by the fabric and the intended use of the item.